Respiratory Support Package

Respiratory Support Package

(Health & Wellness)

Louisville Salt Cave
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These are our top picks for supporting the respiratory system outside of Cave sessions.

The Salt Sole Kit will help reduce inflammation and prevent symptoms associated with seasonal allergies, alongside balancing pH in the gut, detoxing the body, supporting adrenal function and more!

Our Cold & Flu custom blended Essential Oil roller is a must have for any flu season. Use this liberally for prevention. The EO concentrate is blended withgrapeseed carrier oil.

Lung Health Tea is created by Sage's Botanicals to support lung health. There's not much more important right now. Use 1 tsp per cup of tea.

Bohman Bee Company is your local honey supplier. Use this gift of nature to build immunity to local allergens and for its natural antibacterial properties.

A sage stick is a beautiful way to intentionally clear the energy of any space.

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