Golden Milk Paste

Golden Milk Paste

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Super Food Veda
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Golden milk is a healthy and all-natural nighttime nerve-soothing beverage. It comes as a paste that the user mixes with warm   milk   of their choice and enjoys before bed. The paste is made using several natural ingredients: the original Superfoods Veda ghee, domestic honey, a mix of Indian spices including turmeric, which gives golden milk its name. The blend of spices used in golden milk is beneficial for several bodily functions. These spices have been used medicinally in Indian culture for centuries.

One tablespoon of this aromatic paste mixed with your choice of warm milk provides an array of nutritional gains to the body. The golden milk paste provides antioxidants, digestive soothing, immune boost, and many other beneficial properties.


·      Improves quality of sleep and focus during the day

·      Aids in digestion after meals

·      Honey – satisfies a sweet tooth without any refined sugar or preservatives

·      Honey is a natural cough suppressant

·      Ghee is an essential fat necessary for the absorption of turmeric into the body

·      Bodily detox via spice mixture

·      Boost for immune system (turmeric)

·      Off-label uses – can be added to coffee or tea for a flavor and nutritional boost

·      Shelf stable for 4-6 weeks,  refrigerate after opening.  


Packing and transportation:


Product information;

Dimensions: 4.3 x 4.3 x 4.1 inches

Weight: 8 oz

Shipping weight: 1.1 lbs

Manufacturer: Superfoods Veda


Ghee and honey both melts at approximately 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It can melt in travel and delivery. It is absolutely normal because of the nature of product. It will resolidify when you keep it at room temperature for few hours or keep in the refrigerator.

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